Safety information

The 2018 UCI Road World Championships are one of the world’s biggest sporting events. Safety and security will, of course, be a major priority. Both athletes and fans will be looked after by a range of emergency services in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable event.

We kindly ask you to support the emergency services and security staff and follow their instructions at all times. If you notice something unusual, act on your instinct and tell the nearest member of staff (security, police, ambulance, fire brigade or volunteer). The members of the emergency services will be happy to help you. The Austrian Red Cross will also be present at all the venues. First aid centres run by the Red Cross are marked with flags and signs.


House rules and banned items


The house rules apply to the zones around the finish area, the start areas, the fan zones and along the courses. As organisers we want to keep the event as safe as possible, so we kindly ask you to not bring any of the following items with you to these areas:


Weapons of any kind



In the house rules you will find further information on items which you should not bring to these areas.



First aid and medical emergencies


There are first aid teams at all the venues to deal with accidents, acute illnesses and all other health-related issues. If you are too weak or injured to visit one of the first aid centres yourself, please call the European emergency number 112 or ask other people around you for help.

Think of the following key questions when calling the emergency services:

WHO is calling?

WHAT happened?

WHERE did it happen?

WHEN did it happen?

HOW did it happen?


The ambulance will be with you straight away. While you wait for the ambulance to arrive there it a lot you can do yourself.

► Stay calm and make sure you are safe.

► Look after the injured person as well as possible and talk to them.

► Ask other people to direct the emergency services to where you are.

► For the injured person and the ambulance team it is always more pleasant if there are blankets or jackets held up as a screen to provide personal privacy.





As well as the normal entry and access points, all the venues also have a large number of emergency exits which are signposted with the emergency exit sign. If you are asked to leave the venue then please remember the following advice:

► Stay calm, help other people around you and leave the venue quickly.

► Follow the instructions given by the security staff. They are trained, know what to do and will help keep you safe.

► In case of an evacuation you will be informed via the video walls and the loud speakers about the situation. Please follow the instructions given and leave the venue quickly.


Risk of fire


The very hot summer means that the ground is exceptionally dry. Just a single cigarette is enough to cause a fire. Therefore we ask you to not throw cigarettes onto the ground, to not light open fires and to not set off fireworks. Flares are also banned.

In the finish area, fan zones and all locations serving food and drink there are fire extinguishers which can be used immediately if a fire breaks out.




Thefts can often happen in just a matter of seconds, so quickly that nobody notices until it is too late. Pickpockets on the lookout for mobile phones and wallets thrive in large groups of people. In order to avoid an unpleasant experience such as this, we recommend that you only take with you valuables that you absolutely need, pay close attention to them and keep them close to your body at all times.

At large-scale cycling events it is unfortunately the case that bikes are often stolen. We therefore ask you to be careful with your bike and always lock it. At the finish area in Innsbruck you will find a bike depot at the southern entrance to the Hofgarten park. You can leave your bike there and lock it up. Bikes left at the bike depot are insured.

If you are nevertheless unfortunate enough to be the victim of a theft, please report it to the police immediately by calling 133.

On the website of the Austrian Criminal Intelligence Service you will find some useful tips on how to prevent theft. The website also contains all the most important emergency services phone numbers.


Lost & Found


If you have lost something please contact the lost & found office. It can be found at the info point on the Franziskanerplatz square in the centre of in Innsbruck. All items lost in Innsbruck, including in the fan zones, will be stored there. The address of the main Innsbruck city council lost & found office is Fallmayerstraße 2 (Mon-Fri: 08:00-13:00, Mon-Thu: 13:00-17:30).


Important telephone numbers


European emergency number: 112

World Championships info hotline: +43 512 32 77 07

Innsbruck city public transport network (IVB): +43 512 53 07 600

Tirol regional public transport network (VVT): +43 512 56 16 16