Fri 16/03/2018

UCI brings Yorkshire and Bergen to Innsbruck

From 22 to 30 September roughly 1,000 athletes and an estimated 500,000 cycling fans will descend on Innsbruck-Tirol for the 2018 UCI Road World Championships. As part of preparations for this major international event, around 40 representatives from the organising committees of Bergen, Innsbruck and Yorkshire met with members of the UCI for a seminar in Innsbruck designed to give participants the chance to exchange important information about hosting the World Championships.

"The past, present and future hosts of the World Championships gathered in Innsbruck to discuss many different organisational aspects. It is very useful to see not only TV footage but also the facts, figures and processes behind the event. Last year we were pleased to participate in the first UCI Knowledge Transfer Seminar. We will also be keen to include Yorkshire in our event in order to build a bridge to the next World Championships in Great Britain," explains Georg Spazier, CEO of the organising committee for the 2018 UCI Road World Championships in Innsbruck-Tirol.

Andy Hindley, CEO of the 2019 UCI Road World Championships in Yorkshire, is also keen to strengthen ties with the team in Tirol. "For us it was a really interesting and valuable seminar. We plan to come back to Innsbruck for the World Championships to gather as much experience as possible and also to help out with the running of the event. We believe the UCI Road World Championships in Innsbruck-Tirol will be a huge success. In 2019 we want to pick up where they have left off so that the World Championships continue to become even bigger and better. Exchanging information is key to achieving that goal."

Kevin Benjamin, General Manager of the UCI Road World Championships, believes the main advantage offered by such seminars is that future hosts can benefit from the experience of others at a very early stage. "It is really useful to be able to receive this information and these reports so early on in the preparation process. All host cities receive a 250-page guide to organising the World Championships, but still there are certain details which can be communicated better face to face. It is also a chance for us at the UCI to learn, get feedback and improve our work. We are excited to see how Innsbruck builds on the success and learnings of Bergen and of course, we are already looking forward to next year's seminar in Yorkshire."

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